General Requirements

  • Android or iOS device
  • Subscription to a myDartfish plan (see below)
  • Video file. Note doesn't record video so a camcorder or another source of video is needed. 
  • Dartfish software. Either Dartfish 360 S or Dartfish Champions Software (TeamPro or Connect Plus editions, version 7 or later) are used to synchronize Notebooks with video

Doing more with the notebooks you create

Data users

If you only require data, a myDartfish Mobile plan is what you need. This plan enables:

  • Distribution of Notebooks via (myDartfish Smart Cloud or channel)
  • Backup of panels to your Smart Cloud in case of loss of your mobile device 
  • Export data as a CSV file from the app
  • Export CSV data from

Video Users

Those who need to combine Notebooks with video will need a plan that includes Dartfish software, or one which enables software purchased previously without a myDartfish plan.

  • myDartfish Mobile is the minimum plan required to enable software purchased without a plan.
  • For other myDartfish S plans inclusive of software see our products page

Dartfish Note and your organisation's channel

The requirements to use Note with channels varies according to your role within an organisation. Note that the following only apply to channels; no additional rights are required to upload to or download from your own Smart Cloud.

You need to upload Notebooks

  • Upload rights to a collection on the channel - granted by the channel administrator
  • myDartfish Mobile subscription  

You need to export CSV files from Notebooks on

You need to access the channel's tagging templates

  • Panel provider role to publish your panels so that other can use them - granted by the channel administrator
  • Note-taker role to access the channel's templates from Dartfish Note - granted by the channel administrator
  • myDartfish Mobile plan

You need to create video highlights

  • Download rights to import Notebooks
  • Upload rights to a collection on the channel - granted by the channel administrator. This right allows you to upload your Notebooks and highlights movies.
  • Dartfish software
  • MyDartfish plan