Lets assume that video has already been uploaded to your collections and you are now ready to share this content. In this section you'll learn how to do this and learn how to manage the subscriptions which are created.

About giving access to collections

Managing members

In the previous video you saw how sharing a collection could be as simple as sending an email. The members page functions as a contacts list and allows you to make sharing even simpler. The members list contains the following:

  • Everyone who you have given individual access to
  • Members that you have manually added
  • Public who have self-subscribed to collections

In this next video we also see how to add or edit a member to include additional contact information and it also reveals how upload a file to add many members at once:

About your members list

Your questions answered

So I see that I can delete subscriptions but can I reinvite?

Yes, since the tutorial was recorded, the option to Reinvite has been added to the menu displayed when you click on a subscription. Information displayed on your members list and their list of subscriptions lets you decide whether they need a re-invitation based on when they last logged in and whether their subscriptions are still pending..

What is the relationship between a member and their dartfish.tv login?

As an admin, you have no control over or responsibility for a member's dartfish.tv account. They will create their own account and login when required. There is also no relationship between the email address which you have assigned the member and that which they choose to use when creating an account and signing in. A relationship between the member's account is established when they sign on to dartfish.tv after clicking the link in a sharing invitation and login. If already signed in while clicking the link, the relationship is established immediately. It is therefore important to be careful when using shared computers because if another dartfish.tv user is already signed in when one of your members clicks one of your invitations - that subscription will be assigned to the person who is already signed in.

So their account could use a different email address to that in my members list?

Yes. The account's email address is always used for communications (sharing invitations, notifications).

Can I subscribe someone to my channel so they always have access to all content?

No. You can only subscribe a member to collections. It is very easy to share a collection with all your members and also very easy to give a member access to all collections. You can give an admin role to a member which will give them either admin or moderator rights to the entire channel.

I'm sure I already shared a collection but the email address I used isn't in my members list / a subscription has not been created

You probably gave 'Access by link'. A member is not added unless 'Individual access' is given to a collection.