With the latest Windows 10 update, there is a new way to configure the GPU used by the software.

This is required when the computer or laptop is configured with 2 GPUs.

Until now, the configuration of the active GPU was done through the NVIDIA control panel.

The effect of the default option configured by Windows may vary depending on the power availability (battery level, etc.)

As Dartfish 10 requires an Intel Graphics GPU to accelerate the decoding and encoding operations, be sure to follow these short steps to configure the correct GPU:

  • Under Settings, select Display, scroll the pane to locate and click the Graphics settings option.

  • Select Classic app and click Browse to add a configuration for Dartfish software.

  • Locate the Dartfish executable file in your installation folder: C:\Program Files\Dartfish\Dartfish 10\Dartfish10.exe or C:\Program Files(x86)\Dartfish\Dartfish 10 Classic\Dartfish10Classic.exe or C:\Program Files\Dartfish\Dartfish 2022\Dartfish.exe 
  • Click Options and select Power saving to configure Dartfish to use the integrated GPU (Intel Graphics.)

High performance would instruct Dartfish to use the NVIDIA GPU, which is unsupported for video encoding or decoding acceleration.

  • Click Save
  • Launch Dartfish software.