There are two possibilities to use the Game Time in Dartfish software: 

  • Add a Game Time overlay on top of your video
  • Assign the Game Time to your tagging panel as a keyword.

Game Time: how does it work?

A timer called Game Time is available at the top of the Tagging Panel pane. Once you click on "Start Game Time", the timer is synchronized with the video time and will increase or decrease if the video is played forward or backwards.

  1. Place the playhead at the start of the game
  2. Click on the "..." next to the Game Time
  3. Select "Adjust game time"
  4. Click on Reset and the timer is synchronized with the game time in the video

Game Time overlay

It is possible to display the Game Time as an overlay on top of the video in the Replay and Live workspaces:

  1. Click on "..."
  2. Select "Game time overlay"
  3. Select the position of the Game Time, its size and the time format

The Game time will be incrusted in the video when the video is published or the events are added to the Montage

Game Time in tagging

You can also use the Game Time information in your tagging panel.

  1. Add a keyword button to your panel
  2. Enter a generic category name
  3. In the keyword field, enter "$(gametime)" as shown below
  4. This button will assign the current game time to the selected event