To do this, it is preferable to set up all the iPhones in the same way (Same frame rate, same quality etc).


Hereunder you find how to set up the feed and how find it in the Pro S.




  1. Download "Periscope HD" on your iPhone. (Link :
  2. Connect your computer and mobile devices on the same WiFi network
  3. Open "Periscope HD" application.
  4. Open the settings window by clicking on the gear item. 

4. You find here the RTSP address and if needed you can add credentials or change the stream. 

5. Close the preferences window and open Dartfish on your laptop.

6. In Dartfish Software open the live workspace and go in the source.

7. Open Network Cameras and click on add button 

8. Enter the address of the step 4, add your credentials (authorization) and name the camera.

10. Make sur that the iPhone is turned on and on the "Periscode HD" App

11. The stream is now ready to capture.