This remote control and IR receiver (StreamZap) allows you to use Dartfish InTheAction and control video replay from up to 12m from your computer. Before use, driver software must be installed.

Follow the instructions below for your version of Windows. If you don’t know whether you have Windows 32-bit or 64- bit, see the troubleshooting section at the end of this document.    


Windows 32-bit 

  • Please do not plug in your USB infrared receiver yet 
  • Download the Streamzap installation file RemoteControl_32bit.exe
  • Double-click this file to run it and follow the steps to complete the installation 
  • Connect the Streamzap infrared receiver only when asked

  • Now, Windows will automatically complete the hardware installation


Windows 64-bit 

  • Please do not plug in your USB infrared receiver yet
  • Download the Streamzap installation files RemoteControl_32bit.exe and
  • Right-click and select Extract… You will use these files later.
  • Now, double-click the 32-bit driver RemoteControl_32bit.exe to run it, then follow the installation instructions 

When asked ‘Please plug in your USB infrared receiver‘, select Cancel and confirm your choice by clicking Yes

  • Now connect the StreamZap Infrared receiver
  • Right click on the Windows Start button > Device Manager > Remote controls > Update driver


  • Select Browse my computer for driver software          
  • Find the folder where you extracted the zip file ‘’  and then click Next
  • Click Install to complete the installation
  • Restart your computer


How do I know whether my Windows is 32-bit or 64-bit?

Launch Windows File Explorer and right-click This PC. Select Properties… The information displayed will indicate the specification of your system.

I installed my StreamZap remote control according to the instructions but it is not working.  

Look for the StreamZap Remote icon in the system tray area of the Windows taskbar:


If it is red  the remote control is installed and functional. Check that you are pointing it towards the receiver. Are the batteries running low? Is the receiver is within range (25m with a direct line and fresh batteries). Are there any other sources of infrared interference?

If it is grey the remote control software is installed but the IR receiver is not detected. If it is connected to a USB port the likelihood is that drivers are not correctly installed - try connecting the receiver to a different USB port. If still not working, disconnect the receiver and reinstall the driver according to the instructions above. 

If the icon is not present in the taskbar: Sometimes, the Streamzap software does not automatically start after installation. Restart the computer or manually activate /program files/Streamzap/Remote/zremote.exe.

The Dartfish Remote icon is red, I checked everything above but the remote is not working

  1. In Dartfish software, click the Tools menu > Customize… > StreamZap tab
  2. Click the Reset All button. Now test a StreamZap button - does the command mapping section show that the correct command was received?