Dartfish is proud to unveil its new dartfish.tv website with a brand new user-interface designed for a smoother navigation and viewing experience. Watch the below video to discover it at a glance, and read the article for more detailed information

What you need to know

Since late 2023, the new website of dartfish.tv has been available in beta version at the address https://new.dartfish.tv/. Starting the 2nd of July 2024, this new website will be released officially as the main interface of dartfish.tv. Any user going to https://www.dartfish.tv/ will open the new website.

The old website will remain available for a time at the address https://classic.dartfish.tv/


This major update maximizes the use of your screen, creating a seamless and immersive viewing experience. Whether you're catching up on the latest releases or diving deep into your favorite genres, our new layout ensures you get the most out of every moment effortlessly.

One of the standout features of our update is the adjustable sections that let you tailor your viewing space to your preferences and optimize the sections you need. Display your video list and keyword filters side-by-side while watching the report of your last game, or maximize the video size to read the comments added to events and still shots.

Our commitment to keeping up with the latest technology means a faster, more responsive experience that aligns with your needs. From effortless navigation to personalized content recommendations, every aspect of the update is designed with you in mind. Dive into our upgraded platform today and enjoy a richer, more dynamic interaction with the video content you love.


Some features that are available in the classic interface are not yet available in the new website. Here below is a list of the major ones, that we are currently working on. Should you need any of those features, use the classic interface https://classic.dartfish.tv

Assignation of keywords to videos

It is not yet possible to assign keywords to videos nor to remove them. This will come in a future update.

Event list

Only the video mode is available in the library. it is not possible to switch to event mode and display the list of all the events belonging to the videos listed.

Video Thumbnail Generator

It is not possible to pause a video on a specific frame and set that frame as the new video thumbnail