Dartfish.tv was originally created using the Microsoft Silverlight technology which enabled us to do some fantastic, creative things with video on the internet. However, the use of HTML5 for rich media content on mobile devices has led to the slow death of Silverlight.

Today, almost all the main functionalities for viewers exist in the HTML5 version of dartfish.tv and the only reason why we still have both technologies is one of time: we want to keep developing a great product for viewers in HTML5, at the same time as migrating the remaining tools found only in Silverlight. However, time is running out as the list of Silverlight compatible browsers is shrinking, so we have developed an out-of-browser app which admins and moderators can install to be able to continue to use the more advanced content editing tools.

To choose between Silverlight and HTML5 versions of dartfish.tv , look for the button at the top right of the Videos page 

Which should you use? The choice depends on whether you are there to view of content or to manage it.

I'm a viewer

HTML5 is almost certainly the best choice as all the latest development and improvement goes into the HTML 5 interface. the video display is bigger and the options for viewing notes, events and key positions are better.

Your main reason to use Silverlight is to be able to comment on videos, key positions/events and even comment on other comments.

I have edit rights

Editing of titles and descriptions can be done in the HTML5 interface and this may be all you need.

Your main reason to use Silverlight is to be able to add and edit Markers (key positions and events) but as you can do that more easily with Dartfish Express or Dartfish 360/360 S you may prefer to use those tools instead.

I'm an administrator

You will probably use HTML5 when viewing content but switch to Silverlight to access the advanced editing features: 

  • Bulk deletions or movements of content between collections
  • Keyword creation and management
  • Navigation menu creation and management


If your browser and operating system support Silverlight (the list can be found on Microsoft's website) administrators and moderators can continue to use these tools by clicking the Silverlight button shown above. If Silverlight is not supported, you will be prompted to download and install the dartfish.tv Content Manager software.