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The Content Manager is software that you can install to carry out content management tasks on your channel. These include, but are not limited to: 

  • Bulk deletion of content
  • Movement and duplication between collections
  • Addition of keywords to content
  • Creation and management of channel keywords
  • Creation and management of navigation menus

In addition the Content Manager has all the old player functionality such as:

  • Creation of markers and marker descriptions
  • Promotion of videos

Why can't I do these tasks on the website?

You can if you use a browser and operating system that still supports Microsoft's Silverlight technology. Let me explain more.'s content management still uses Silverlight while the rest of the site has largely been recreated in HTML5. In September 2015 the Google Chrome browser stopped supporting Silverlight and, as this is one of the most commonly used browsers, our solution was to take the Silverlight functionality and put it into an 'out-of-browser' application.

You are only offered the choice to install the Content Manager when using a browser which doesn't support Silverlight. On other browsers you can use the Silverlight plug-in as before.

Find out more about HTML versus Silverlight and browser support for Silverlight in the article Should I use HTML5 or Silverlight?

How do I use the Content Manager?

If you have been using for a while, you'll discover that once you install the software, start it and sign-in, the functionality is identical to that which you used in your browser previously.

If you are new to administration, the tutorials will help. Although they have not yet been updated and still refer to an edit mode in a browser, the interface shown is identical to that of the content manager software