Silent installation is the process of automating installation by entering commands at the Windows command prompt. This method bypasses the multi step installation process and is therefore more efficient when an organisation has many computers to set up with Dartfish.

Extract the Windows Installer file (MSI) from Dartfish10_pro.exe (using 7-zip or similar)

Double-click the Windows Installation file (Installer\Dartfish10.msi) or run the command C:\> msiexec /i MSIFILE

Use the following command to install without user interface and to log the installation to a file C:\> msiexec /i MSIFILE /quiet /l* %TEMP%\install.log

By default, the installer will use myDartfish subscription licensing - the user has a licence assigned to their account. To install a perpetual license instead, you need to provide the 'Name', 'Organization' and 'Product_key' parameters. These will have been emailed to the purchaser. The syntaxt is as follows where the italicized values are obtained from the product key:

C:\> msiexec /i MSIFILE /quiet /l* %TEMP%\install.log NAME="User Name" ORGANIZATION="Organization" PRODUCT_KEY="Serial Number"

Do not forget to run Command Prompt as Administrator