The Analyzer's Storyboard offers the possibility to bring together many videos and analyses. In this topic we look at Storyboard creation and the opportunities to report on items in the Storyboard. For example, this can be useful for:

  • Video based client or patient notes for trainers medical practitioners and trainers
  • Rehabilitation or strength and conditioning programs
  • Educational resources based on fully described video
  • Student reports

Creating a report

Sharing your report as a Mediabook

Storyboard content can be saved as a movie and keyposition content can be printed as pictures but the Mediabook is the top choice when it comes to sharing because all analyzer features are included.

NOTE: Mediabook files use Flash video which can require adjustments to security setting in some browsers. All recent development has focused on content - which is a far superior way to create and share Mediabooks.

Mediabooks on

Apart from the possibilities offered by internet distribution, online Mediabooks offer a number of other advantages over the standard Mediabook. is Dartfish's video analysis sharing website. It is available is two flavours: The component of myDartfish is a hub from where you can share analysis and distribute content to your mobile devices; groups of people such as teams, federations gyms or medical centers will benefit from a channel. Choose which of these next videos is suited to your need.

Your Questions answered

I don't see the Key Positions section of the Analyzer?
You may have Dartfish Live. Key positions analysis is not posssible with this edition. The closest equivalent is to create still images using the snapshot button immediately beneath the video display of the Player or Analyzer.

What is Dartviewer?

Dartviewer is free software that can be downloaded from the Dartfish Website or sent by email from the Mediabook wizard. It allows those who don't have Dartfish to view Mediabooks.
Can the Dartviewer file be viewed on an Apple Mac?

No, Dartviewer software doesn't run on Macs. If you want Mac users to be able to see Mediabooks you should first publish the Mediabook to a location on your computer using the Internet Browser option. Then you can attach these files to an email or burn to them to a CD.