If your dartfish.tv channel is configured with PowerBI dashboards templates, every time a new video is uploaded with Dartfish Sofware, a customized and dedicated interactive dashboard is automatically created.

1. Dartfish.tv add-on

The dartfish.tv add-ons “Interactive dashboard” and “dartfish.tv API” must be enabled on your dartfish.tv channel. For more information, contact your Key Account Manager at Dartfish

2. Channel templates list

The channel admin can configure a list of dashboard templates for each dartfish.tv channel.

During this step, it will be asked to upload a PowerBI file (.pbix). This file define the template. The template can be created by using the free PowerBI desktop application provided by Microsoft (https://powerbi.microsoft.com/en-us/desktop/)  and by using web datasource via dartfish.tv API (https://api.dartfish.tv/PDF/Use_of_Dartfish_TV_API_in_Power_BI.pdf).

3. Default template for new videos

The channel admin can assign a dasboard template to a collection (in collection advanced settings) as the default template to use when publishing a new video into the collection.