Dartfish Champions software is two dimensional video analysis software enabling biomechanical observation, comparison and quantitative measurement of time, distance, angle and position.

These measurements can be recorded in Data Tables which can also calculate timings and speeds from position/time data.

For precise imaging, Dartfish records a live video stream from Basler cameras. These cameras are designed for scientific purposes, offering high frame rates and accurate image representation using CCD imaging chips.

Dartfish ProSuite allows automatic tracking of drawings added to video. Thus an angle drawn on a leg, for example, can track markers placed on it. Should a marker become obscured, or tracking become difficult for any other reason, the drawing can be manually positioned and Dartfish 'learns' the correct position for each frame.

ProSuite can also capture from two cameras simultaneously.

Dartfish TeamPro Data is able to integrate data from third party software with video using its CSV file reader. It also has a SRM reader specific to SRM power crank (cycling) data. TeamPro Data is also able to simultaneously record video and telemetrically received data. For example, GPS or force plate data can be recorded with video and the two displayed together.
This requires a software bridge which we can create. And, we make our API available for you to develop your own.