Dartfish software is Windows software and is not compatible with Apple OS.

However, since Apple’s release of their Leopard OS, Mac computers have been able to install both operating systems.

This is thanks to a utility called Bootcamp which partitions your hard drive and installs Windows. You will first need to buy Windows from the Microsoft website. When the computer is started, your Mac will offer you a choice of using Windows or the Mac OS. Many of our customers are already successfully using this option and are reporting great results running our software.

Parallels software should not be used. Parallels allows both operating systems to run simultaneously, however it can prevent Dartfish from accessing hardware and reduces the performance of your computer. 

Dartfish will not work on Macs running Windows emulation software.

Dartfish technical support for Mac users

Please be aware that we do not officially support the use of Dartfish on Apple computers. We don't test our software on Macs and we cannot support Mac users with hardware problems or any other Mac specific issues. However, our support people will do their best to advise you and since Apple started using Intel chipsets, we should expect both Windows and Dartfish to work very well.

Our support team cannot help you with installing Windows or using Bootcamp. Both are very well described and supported by Apple on their website.