Dartfish Express's video recorder has a settings button where you may choose an appropriate video encoding setting for your needs. The default will be suitable for most but you may wish higher or lower quality or you may wish to take advantage of the high frame rate camera of the latest devices. The choices are:

HD jogwheel optimized (default setting)

  • Use when smooth, accurate jog wheel use is most important to you.
  • 960 x 540 pixels
  • iFrame interval = 1

    When every frame is an iFrame, less processing is required to move video backwards. Replay will be smoother but to prevent file sizes becoming too large, a smaller resolution is used.

Full HD

  • Use when the image resolution and quality of video and still shots is most important to you
  • Resolution = the best available for your device e.g. iPhone 4 720p, iPhone 5 1080p
  • iFrame interval = 30

    High resolution is particularly important to those who plan to export still shots and video.

HD high frame rate (available on compatible devices)

  • Use to take advantage of the high frame rate recording of devices which offer it
  • 720p
  • iFrame interval = 60 when recording at 60 fps; 120 when recording at 120 fps

    More frames per second (fps) enables more detail to be seen in a movement.
    A faster exposure is used so still shots show less motion blur.
    A high iFrame interval is used to compress the video. This makes the video replay less smooth when using the jogwheel to move backwards