Dartish Express provides two ways of sharing video via the internet:

  • myDartfish Smart Cloud - if you have a myDartfish subscription
  • Dartfish.tv channel - if you or your organisation have purchased a dartfish.tv channel

The privacy of your videos depends on the route you take.


You share a link to a video and only those who have access to the link can see the video. Those who have the link can give it to others.

The link also gives access to the rest of the collection too so be sure to use different collections to control who can see what.

Dartfish.tv channel

Channels offer greater access control. Collections can be fully public, private and requiring a password, provide limited access via a link like myDartfsh Cloud collections or even private and requiring a credit card payment to access.

The level of privacy is defined by the channel administrator. You can see the level of privacy afforded to each collection by looking at the collections list for your channel in a browser. Here's an example. If unsure which collection should be used on a dartfish.tv channel to keep the level of privacy that you require, you should discuss with your channel's administrator.