In addition to the videos that you record, you may also use the features of Dartfish Express to take a really good look at content from channels. Tap either Favorites or Subscriptions in the menu (phone & tablet) or at the top of the library (tablet only):



You can mark any video as a favorite, either from within the app or by using a browser as described below:

  1. Go to and search for videos that interest you
  2. Tap the Favorite button below the video

  3. This video now appears in the Dartfish Express library when the Favorites option is selected


The Subscriptions option accesses content of collections to which you have a subscription:

  • If you have been subscribed by a channel admin (usually in the case of a private collection)
  • If you have subscribed yourself to a public collection (only available when enabled by the channel administrator)


You can also add channel content to your Dartfish Express library by downloading it. However, doing so makes a copy to the app - it becomes your content and doesn't remain in sync with the original video.  If you have been given download rights by the channel's administrator, you'll find the Download button right next to the Favorites button (see image above). Read more about downloads