In Dartfish Express you can add drawings...

  • To video - to aid explanation or observation or make measurements of angles or timings
  • To still shots - to use drawings specific to a single video frame
  • To both - when a still shot is created, it inherits any drawings already added to the video.

Adding drawings to still shots

Often drawings will only be relevant to a single frame of video. You could draw on the video and then delete the drawings before continuing... or perhaps there is a better way?

Still shots are 'bookmarks' within the video to identify particular frames of interest - either for your reference or for the audience viewing the analysis on Additionally, they fulfill these roles:

  • They let you add drawings which are specific to a single frame of video¬†
  • They are moments when the video can automatically pause to reveal drawings, descriptions and voice notes
  • They can be exported as images - complete with the drawings you have added

  1. To add drawings, tap the drawing tools button at the bottom right of the screen

  2. Select drawing tool and color from the toolbar

  3. When finished drawing, close the still shot to return to the video

Show still shot drawings as the video plays

Dartfish Express offers various ways of accessing still shots. This one automatically pauses as videos are played:

  1. Select Pause at still shots
  2. Tap Play
  3. Tap the screen to get a full screen view of the video and each still shot