The iOS operating system doesn't make it obvious how to use video from other devices but it is possible. The method described below uses the photo sync feature of iTunes to transfer videos from your computer to your iOS device.

Dartfish Express can use any video that you can get into the Photos App. As this varies depending on your device and model, you'll need to check Apple's device specs for complete information. In general your iOS device plays video files with .MP4, .MOV or M4V file extensions,  however the extension is no guarantee because these formats support many different video configurations. The easiest way to discover whether a video will work is to use iTunes to transfer video. If unsuitable, it will be blocked.

Step 1 - preparation

  1. Open your 'Pictures' library (PC) or iPhoto (Mac)
  2. Create a new folder and call it something like "Camera transfers"
    (you can use any folder but doing it this way is going allow you to be selective about what ends up on your iPhone)
  3. Launch iTunes
  4. Connect your iPhone or iPad and select it in iTunes
  5. Rather counter intuitively, you now select Photos NOT Films

  6. Now select your sync settings. Unless you want to sync all your pictures, be careful to nominate the folder you created for this purpose.

Step 2 - transfer your photos

  1. Get the photos from your camera or device into the folder.
    I'm going to assume that you already know how to do this but in most cases the easiest/quickest way is to simply copy the files using Windows File Explorer...

    ...but feel free to use the software that ships with your camera or any other way that you prefer for moving files around your computer.

  2. Now sync using iTunes.
  3. Your video is now in a new album in your Photos App. Find out how to import it into Dartfish Express