EasyTag-Note is an iOS 10 compatible update to Easytag based on the Dartfish Note interface. While it has some improvements on Easytag, it generally has less functionality than both its parents. So, if you are an Apple user who has net yet updated to iOS 10 then you may prefer to wait before updating Easytag.

In what ways is EasyTag-Note better than Easytag?

  • iOS 10 compatibility
  • Streamlined panel creation
  • Make panel edits during the game
  • Frequency stats and bar charts
  • Review data during the game
  • Tag favorite events
  • Multiple deletion (undo) of events

What's gone?

Button properties not supported in EasyTag-Note:

  • Unlimited event categories. EasyTag-Note uses a single "Action" category
  • Automatic coloration of buttons based on frequency of use
  • User defined button color
  • Visible on/off
  • Frequency display on/off. EasyTag Note always shows frequency stats
  • Negative values of preroll

Button panels

  • The following grids are no longer available: 4x4, 8x2, 5x4, 5x5 8x3, 6x5, 8x5. 
  • Easytag panels have maximum of 12 buttons in a 4x3 grid


  • iTunes Export/import

What happens to existing panels?

  • After update, panels created in Easytag will continue to have the same grid size and shape. You won't lose any buttons.
  • The property changes listed above will apply. In particular, not that if multiple categories were used there will now be a sinlge category: "Action".