The methods of getting content online vary according to the app or software you are using:

  • Applications which provide direct access to Cloud Collections such as Dartfish Express or myDartfish 360. For these applications, the content of their library mirrors the content of the cloud. To upload you simply import, record, save or move a video in the application's library - then synchronise. Everything except the content of the local collection will be found in the equivalent cloud collection.
  • Applications with an independent library. Dartfish Note and Dartfish Software fall into this category. For these applications the video is copied by uploading from the application library to the Smart Cloud.
  • There is no direct upload to the Smart Cloud via a browser - a Dartfish app or software must be used.

myDartfish Express

To understand more about how Express syncs with the Cloud see this article 

myDartfish 360

To understand more about how myDartfish 360 and 360 S sync with the Cloud see this article

Dartfish Software versions 10 Classic

Upload videos

Use the Share feature of the Library to upload videos

Upload analysis (Mediabooks)

Use the Mediabook feature of the Analyzer to upload analysis projects

Upload Tagged Games and Highlights (events)

Use the Publish feature of the Tagging events list (software editions which feature Tagging only)

Full details of all these features can be found in the Dartfish software tutorials