Rather than individual purchases, you can buy licenses in bulk for your organisation and distribute them using a dartfish.tv channel or Dartfish License Management System. Not only does this make the purchase easier but licenses can be allocated, removed and reallocated as required. Licenses are managed by editing the member details as shown in the following video.

Managing licenses using a Dartfish License Management System

Having a myDartfish license adds quite a bit of functionality to a channel. For example: 

  • Direct access to analyze subscriptions and favorites using myDartfish Express and myDartfish 360 
  • Download CSV data from tagged games and Notebooks 
  • Download Notebooks to Dartfish software and myDartfish 360 S

However, if you have no need for a channel, but need a convenient way to distribute myDartfish licenses, a Dartfish License Management System is the answer. This is a channel without any video storage which simply has the member management features shown in the video above. If this is the solution you have purchased you'll also want to know: