Lucky you! You have some assistance to manage your channel and its content. There are two types of admin role:

  1. Moderators can manage content : edit descriptions and markers; move, duplicate and delete videos, assign and manage keywords
  2. Administrators also have access to the admin section functions (create collections, manage subscriptions etc)
  3. Both roles have upload, download and edit rights to any collection

First you must add each admin as a member of your channel

Before you can give an admin role you must first add your administrator to the channel's members list. He or she will already be a member if you have previously shared content with them. Otherwise, you must manually add the member from the members page:

Now, give an admin role to a member

Click the member to display the member management menu

Your questions answered

I want people to help me with upload but I don't want them to have moderator rights

You can give upload rights to individual collections when you share them, but you cannot give upload rights to the whole channel. Only administrators and moderators have whole channel access.