In previous tutorials we have seen how we can make content available to everyone via public collections. We have seen how we can keep content private by choosing who to share it with. There is another possibility: the audience can choose to subscribe themselves. This is achieved by applying subscription only services to a collection.

Pay-to-view service

This service can only be applied to private collections. It allows your audience to make a credit/debit card payment to access the collection.
If using this service, you obviously have a financial interest in encouraging subscription, so you may want to check out the article Promoting videos to discover how to offer "free-samples" of your content. Plus, the topic Customizing home page content will show you how you can display a link to a collection on the home page of your channel.

Using to sell access to content

Download service

This service enables video to be saved to a computer for offline use.

When applied to a public collection, the audience can view the video without logging in but must subscribe to be able to download it.

When applied to a private collection, the download service can only be used in conjunction with the pay-to-view service.

Your questions answered

What happens to pay-to-view payments?

Payments are received into a Dartfish account and are reconciled with a payment to you every three months. More frequent payments can be arranged if you prefer, this and the details of the bank account to make payment are arranged manually with your Dartfish representative.

I don't want everyone to be able to download - how do I give that right to individuals?

When a collection is shared using an individual link, access rights can be specified.

How do I allow download from a private collection to which I don't want to give fee based subscription?

The same answer as to the previous question. You share the collection using an individual link.