Keyword navigation menus allow administrators to make selected keywords stand out by displaying as a drop down menu at the top of the Videos page. The action of a keyword menu is the same as any other keyword; it filters for a corresponding set of content. However, keyword menus can be multilevel; further filters can be applied to the results of the first filter.

Keyword menus can also simplify keyword filter choices because only keywords relevant to the current video selection are displayed: Start a search by using keyword menus but refine it using keyword filters

Defining keyword navigation menus

This tutorial reveal show to use the Content Manager to create keyword menus.

WARNING: If a keyword category belonging to a keyword navigation menu is renamed, the navigation menu is not updated automatically. It is necessary to edt manually the menu and replace the old category by the renamed category!

Users of tagging 

are already familiar with keyword use - in the context of describing events. Event keywords are also searchable and filterable plus they can be added to Navigation Menus, as shown in the following video

Dartfish Smart Playlists

The Dartfish Smart Playlists are playlists of events that are in different videos. They allow to review events of multiple games in a row (ex. all shots of Player A in 5 different  games). Creating Smart Playlist can be done by adding an event keyword category in the navigation tree. 

The previous video shows how to create a navigation tree with video keyword categories. If a 4th level of keyword is added in the navigation and an event keyword category such as "game action" is selected, then at the end of the navigation a list of events will be displayed. Playing one of those events will start the playlist. The playlist will include all of the events even if they belong to separate videos.

Using keyword navigation menus to find event markers

To better understand how keyword menus aid content navigation, have a look at Dartfish's Capture Analyze Share channel where menus are used to guide users to different types of content.

Defining keywords to be used on the upload template

Your questions answered

Can I add a single keyword to a navigation menu?

No; keyword groups must always be used - even if the group only contains one keyword! A good way to take your audience directly to a specific set of content, is the home page headline.