myDartfish NotePro is a 'tagging' tool used to collect information about a game or activity by use of a button panel which logs and time stamps descriptive keywords. In other words, you tap or click an on-screen button and information describing an event is stored. In this respect NotePro and Note are identical. Both don't record video but can make their data available to apps and software which can associate each event with the corresponding video. So what are the differences?

Advanced tagging panel

The main reason for using NotePro over Note is its superior tagging panel. In fact it is the same panel used by the Tagging editions of our Dartfish Champions Software. Here is a selection of what you will find

  • Multi- page panels with triggers. Clicking a button can activate other buttons or pages. So when a "Shot" button is clicked, the relevant buttons relating to shots are displayed.
  • Zone tool. Clicking on an image of your sports playing area records where the action happened.
  • Variable keywords. What is recorded changes depending on the context of which player or team participated
  • Keyboard shortcuts. On large tagging panels they keyboard can be the quickest input method. Speaking of large panels...
  • More buttons. When your panel gets bigger than Note will allow, NotePro is the choice.
  • Tag simultaneous events. Although Note events can overlap, multiple events cannot be tagged at the same time. In NotePro they can.
  • Game time timestamp. Including countdown game timer.

Windows software

NotePro is Windows software so it is used on a PC or Windows tablet.

Event editing

Event times and keyword details can be modified or added at any time; during or after tagging