This tutorial reveals how to correct tagging errors, how to modify the video segments corresponding to events and show all relevant action by adjusting start and end point.

When you design your tagging panel, you make decision about event duration and description, which may later on inaccurate. When tagging in real time, you may click a button late, or even use the wrong one. Or it may simply be that for any given event you want to show more or less of the context surrounding the event.

Let’s start with this scenario. This event starts with the ball being kicked, but in the event I am also interested in including the positioning and preparation of my team that went before that. Double click on the event in the event pane and notice that the video title is replaced by the event title.You are now in event mode and the timeline is zoomed in on the duration of that event. This allows me to show the start and the end of the event.

  • Find the new start point using the jogwheel, and then click the Set In Point button
  • Alternatively, use the default keyboard shortcut Shift+I to set the new start and Shift+O to set the new end

Supposing you want to edit the in point of all the shots and not only this one, you can use the mass edition to do it more efficiently.

  • Filter all the shots in your event pane
  • Select all the events using the shortcut Ctrl+A
  • Right-click on the Position cell of one of the event and select Edit
    • Enter the new value and press Enter. This new value will be applied onto all the selected events
    • In this example, you don't want to apply the same starting time to all the events, but you want all of them to start 5s earlier. To do so enter the value "-5" and press Enter

If you want to edit a keyword of an existing event, you can also select it and then use the tagging panel button to apply the correct keyword.
You are now equipped to make all your events have perfect timing and data.