Tagging is we call the process of identifying and describing the useful parts of a video. Tagging labels the video segment and uses additional keywords to give more information. Now it is quick to find those segments and because the keywords are searchable, I can pull up occasions such as every time a particular player makes a specified action.

Tagging with myDartfish 360 S is achieved by importing Notebooks. A Notebook is tagging data produced by the myDartfish Note Mobile app. The process is this:

  1. Buttons are tapped on a myDartfish Note tagging panel as events are observed - this timestamps and describes the events
  2. The Notebook is shared to dartfish.tv - either your Smart Cloud or a dartfish.tv channel
  3. You can now find the Notebook and sync it up with the corresponding video recording using myDartfish 360 S as shown here: