In the Analyzer's split screen you can place up to four clips side by side. Synchronization is often necessary to aid comparison. Find out how.

Setting multiple synchronization points using key positions 

When it is necessary to synchronize and then resynchronize at different video positions, it becomes useful to mark those synchronization points with key positions. These mark sync points and allow you quickly resynchronize

Your questions answered

Can I play one video at a slower speed than the other(s)?

No. The best alternative is to resynchronize manually at different positions. Using the Key Positions features allows you to store many positions at which you may want to synchronize.

I'm double clicking a key position but the videos don't synchronize?!

All videos being compared need to have a key position added and the label needs to be identical. For example if one video has a key position with the default label '1' and you have changed the label on the equivalent key position on the other video, these key positions will no longer synchronize. The capitalization and spacing must be identical.