Your questions answered

What is the Silhouette tool for?
Many tools evolved because Dartfish users requested them. Silhouette was developed for defining boundaries of movement for a golfer, but could be useful for any other activity which requires the same.
What are ball tails?
Ball tails are used in the same way as a spline and they do the same job of tracking movement except that the result is to display a trail of images of the ball. The ball tail can be extended or track a larger ball by defining its properties (right click the ball tail to modify properties).
How do I display data in the data graph or force tools?
Both these tools are used for displaying data from external sources: one of the Dartfish Data Readers (An add-in product to Dartfsh) or live import of data captured by InTheAction. They are NOT used to display data from a data table or any other measurement tool.