Preparing to Tag

Tagging a video

In this video we learn how to tag a video file which has already been imported to your computer.

Understanding tagging panels

A well designed panel should be easy to use but Dartfish panels offer very flexible design possibilities so the following video will be useful to those who are using more complex panels or those who plan to create their own panels and want a more complete understanding of what a tagging panel can offer.

Your questions answered

Do I have to get it right first time?
No. If your tagging is detailed or your game fast moving, it will be more difficult to tag correctly and completely at the first pass. To tag efficiently, it is most important to try to get all the events created because it will then be quicker to review and correct only the events. Some people will tag in two passes: perhaps during the game they will tag set pieces and afterwards will re-tag player highlights

Can I use a touch screen PC with tagging?
Yes. To make this easier it is worth modifying the text size property of the buttons to make them larger and easier to tap. It is also useful to be able to prevent the button tooltip appearing - do this by right clicking your panel and deselecting that option. Both these features are only available in version 6 onwards.

Can I tag more than one event at once?
Yes, events can overlap or you can tag events during a continuous event e.g you can tag a 'bad tackle' during a 'defensive phase of play'. However continuous event button automatically switch off all other continuous events with the same category property, so if you want to tag two continuous events simultaneously, they must have different categories.