Tag Live is a mode where a video stream is recorded as it is tagged. This allows you to have events, statistics and corresponding video available for analysis during the game or at half-time.

Tagging live using Dartfish software is only possible where a live video stream is present and being recorded by the computer. The following video explains the possibilities for video streaming to Dartfish for use by the two Live processes: Tag live and InTheAction.

Another way to tag live

An alternative to live tagging using Dartfish software is to use our Dartfish Note app; a tagging panel for your mobile device. The video recording and Dartfish Note 'Notebook' are then brought together using Dartfish software.

Your questions answered

When I stop recording my events disappear!

Once you stop recording you are now working with a tagged video clip so you'll need to switch mode to Tag video or Play events.

Should I stop recording at breaks in play?

This is not a straight forward question to answer. The advantage of stopping recording is less video to store and the exclusion of the non-action parts of the game but each time recording is stopped a new file is created so you could have a game made up of many video files. If you choose to do this then think carefully about how your files are named, and perhaps save the recordings in the Tray as a playlist after tagging to make that set of recordings easy to reload as a complete set.

Can I tag live without recording?

For this, use the Note Pro module - a tagging panel which does not require a video.