This article explains how to import data streams from .csv files into Dartfish software, synchronize them with a video and display the dta stream as an overlay on the video.


  • Dartfish Software Version 10
  • License Pro or Pro S
  • Continuous data stream in a .csv format

Link external data streams in Dartfish software

  • Open the Edit workspace and add the video you want to use in the montage. At the bottom of the drawing pane you can see a "Data Streams" section. Expand it and click on "Manage External Data"
  • Select the -csv file containing the data stream and click on Open
  • Indicate if the first row includes te column header. You can exclude some lines based on their first characters if needed. Then click on Next

  • Define the column separator and the format of the datas. Then click on Next

  • Indicate wich column can be used as timestamp. If you don't have a time column but instead a frequency, set Timestamp Source to Sampling Rate or Sample Duration

  • In the Stream Attribute section, you can define the unit and format of each data stream. The preview of the imported data is displayed on the bottom right table. CLick on Next to see a preview of the graphs for the imported data streams. Once everything is correctly formatted, click on Apply > Close

The data streams of the .csv file are now imported in Dartfish software and linked to the video

Display the data in the software and in the video

Your data are now linked to the video, but they are not yet visible. 

  1. Click on the track icon to display the graphic below your video, then drag up the horizontal bar between the video and the timeline
  2. Click on the legend to select the data series you want to display among the list of all the series linked.
  3. By default, the data will be synchronized with the time of the video. if you want to adjust this, select the the graph with the mouse and move to the right or left. 
  4. You can reset the synchronization to the default state by clicking on "Reset Synchronization"

The Graph drawing tool

To add a graph on the video:

  • Select the graph drawing tool and draw a rectangle shape on the video
  • Select that shape and click on "Configure Data Graph". Then, select the data series you want to display in this graph and click on "OK"

  • You have several option for the design of the graph. "Time scale" defines the duration of the x-axis and "relative position" where the vertical green bar is displayed in the graph. When you are done, click on "OK" and the graph will be completed

Display Data in a text or timecode box

You can display the data linked to the video using the text or timecode boxes

  • Add a text box
  • Right-click on it, select "External Data Display"
  • Select the data serie, define the number of decimal to display and show or hide the stream name and unit name. Then press on Ok