Any Windows Multimedia remote should work with Dartfish :

Installation and use
Install the device receiver according to the manufacturer's instructions. Usually this will be a simple case of 'plug-and-play'.


Because your device is not specifically intended for Dartfish, it may lack buttons for functions which you require. Dartfish can be configured to reassign commands sent from the remote to alternative functions in the software. For example, you may wish to reassign a remote control button to trigger recording.
To do this:
 1. Click Tools menu > Customize...
 2. Select the Remote control tab
 3. Select the command to be assigned to a remote control button. You may first select a category to make the search for a command easier. For example, the Start Capture command is found in the Control category:
4. Press a button on the remote control. 
5. Confirm that a valid command has been received by checking that a corresponding entry appears in the Last key received field 
6. Click the Assign button