Overlay is a feature available since the Update 17 in the Live and Replay workspaces. This feature gives the possibility to display different information directly onto the video. The overlay information is available in the Dartfish solution but also in the external environment. 

There are 4 different overlays that can be displayed onto the video:

  • Game time 
  • Event Label
  • Game time + Event Label (top)
  • Game time + Event Label (bottom)

The overlays can be added on videos in the Live and Replay workspaces. The overlay is encrusted on the video if the video is exported locally or shared on dartfish.tv. If an event is added from Replay or Live to the montage with an overlay, this overlay will appear in the montage.

The event label is only displayed in event mode. In video mode, the label is not visible even if the overlay includes the event label (as opposed to the event mode). As a consequence, the function "Export & Share > Share Video" and "Export & Share > Export Video" don't include the event label

A specific game time has been specially implemented for football, with 2 45-minutes periods and two 15-minutes extra time. By default, the game time is a simple timer. To enable the football format, define the period that correspond to the video (1ST, 2ND, ET1 or ET2). This works best when one video per period has been recorded.


  1. Game time 
  2. Event label
  3. Duration of the event + position in the event
  4. Specific soccer game time with period and extra time 

Use Cases 

Give context to the video in Dartfish and in external environment

The feature gives the possibility to export video with information displayed by the overlay. This information is playable in every external video player. It is very useful for people that are sharing videos trough USB key and want to give context to every scene. 


  1. Open Dartfish.
  2. Go in Live or Replay workspaces (In Live start a recording and in Replay open a video).
  3.  Select the overlay with the information that you want display.

        4. The Game time is directly displayed onto the video.

        5. Tag some events in the video.

        6. Open a tag by double-clicking on the scene in the event list.

        7. The Label, the position and the duration of the event are displayed onto the video.

        8. Select share video and export in local. 

        9. Overlay information are now displayed in external video player.

Add soccer game time to videos

The overlays make it possible to display the actual playing time for football. It helps coaches that received stream without game time to encrust the information directly on the video. This option will also display the overtime and the extra time in case of prolongation.


  1. Open Dartfish.
  2. Go in Live workspace and start a recording
  3. Select the Game Time overlay 

        4. Open the tagging panel tab and select 1st period

        5. At the kick-off Click on the “reset clock” button to reset the game time at 00:00

        6. Stop the recording after first period

        7. Start a recording for the second period 

        8. In the tagging panel select 2nd period 

        9. At kick-off of the 2nd period reset the clock (point 5) 

      10. Repeat the steps for the extra time 

Simplify communication between coaches when they exchange montage item

With the inlay of information on the video provided by the overlay: the position of the event/video in the montage is now directly displayed on the video. It helps coaches to communicate which event of the montage they want keep when they share their work.



  1. Record or open a video with the event label overlay
  2. Tag some events

           3.  Add the tags or the video in the montage

        4. Open the Edit workspace

        5. The position of the video in the montage is now displayed on the video

        6. This information will also be displayed in every external video player