Uploading files to an FTP server has been a convenient way to share them over internet. Nowadays, the popularity of this technology is slowly but surely declining and as such, the option to publish videos directly on an FTP server, option that was available in previous versions of Dartfish software, is not available anymore in Dartfish 10. 

You may have unsuccessfully tried to copy the file of the FTP server as it appears on your Windows File Explorer, or to enter directly the address of the server. However, a simple trick lets you do it just fine.

1. Map your FTP server as a local drive

First, you need to map your FTP server as a local drive, so that it is appears in Windows Explorer next to your C: drive. For this, we will use the utility software WebDrive (https://webdrive.com/). Anyother software that allow to map an FTP server to a local drive can be used

  1. Download WebDrive and launch it. Then, click on "+" on the top right and select FTP
  2. Enter the address of the FTP server and set a name. If the connexion to the server requires it, enter the username and password. Then, select a letter that will be used by the new drive. Make sure that it is not yet used by one of your existing drive. Once this is done, click on Save
  3. Click on Connect
  4. The FTP server now appears as a drive on Windows File Explorer

2. Use the new drive as destination folder in Dartfish Software

Now that the FTP server has been mapped on the W: drive, you just need to select this drive as the destination folder when exporting a video from Dartfish software.