it is possible to publish events to a Telegram channel during Live capture or Replay tagging using the background export of events and configuring the Telegram settings on Dartfish software.


  • myDartfish Pro S software
  • The Telegram app installed on your mobilde device and connected to your Telegram account

Set up Telegram and Dartfish

  • Download the desktop version of Telegram on the same PC that is running Dartfish
  • Create your own Telegram bot using BotFather. To do so, open the link and click on Open in Telegram. This will open the BotFather channel in the Telegram desktop app
  • Type /newbot in this channel to create a new bot. BotFather will ask you to choose a name and a username for this bot
  • Write down the Bot API token (highlighted in red here above). You will need it in Dartfish software. Keep it secure as it can be used by anyone to control the bot.
  • Add your bot to your Telegram channel and grant him admin rights
  • Launch Dartfish software and go to Tools > Options > Analysis
  • Tick the box "Send video message after export" and complete the following fields
    • Bot API Key: paste here the token given by BotFather
    • Chat ID: paste the channel name in the invitation link, starting with @

If the channel is private, additional steps are required in order to find the Chat ID. See at the end of this article how to proceed in that case

  • Caption: Enter the name of the video clip published on Telegram The syntax is similar to the macros of the Make Movie
  • Once all this is set, you can close the Telegram desktop app

Publish clips in Live and Replay

You are now ready to publish events in one click to Telegram from Dartfish software. Any clip exported in the background from the Live and Replay workspaces will be shared on Telegram

  • Select the event
  • Click on Export Events  or drag&drop the event on the Background Tasks pane
  • The event is saved on your local drive as a video clip, and this clip is automatically published on the Telegram channel

Add a video intro or outro to the clips published on Telegram

Themes created in the Presenter workspace can be applied to clips exported in the background. It is possible to add intros, outros, background music or change the playback speed

  • Go to Tools > Options > Analysis and select the theme in Presentation Theme

Learn how to design a theme here

Retrieve the Chat ID of a private channel

Private channels are handled a bit differently by Telegram. Simply copying the characters in the invite link doesn't work. We need to know the exact Chat ID that consists in a serie of digits following a minus sign (e.g. -153624574). To find this ID, we will need to briefly switch the channel to public before setting it back to private. We will also need to use the bot @username_to_id that will find the Chat ID of our channel

  • Set your channel to public
  • Copy the public invite link
  • Open in Telegram desktop the bot
  • Send the public invite link of your channel to this bot
  • The bot will answer with the ID of the channel. Copy it and make sure to include the "-"
  • Set your channel back to private