Learn how to create your own event playlists from dartfish.tv channels, save them and create highlight videos directly on dartfish.tv

Smart playlist vs manual playlist

Create a playlist

Create a Smart playlist

Manage your personal playlists

Collaborate on a playlist

Publish your smart playlists

Smart playlist vs manual playlist

Two types of playlists can be created:

  • Playlists: playlists of events that are the result of a search by keywords (e.g. all events Goals from the competition World Cup 2018). Those playlists evolve whenever new content is added on the channel
  • Manual playlists: playlists of hand-picked events selected one-by-one by the user. Those events don't necessarily share common keywords. Several users can collaborate on a manual playlist
A baseball coach uses smart playlists to analyze the performance of a hitter

Create a playlist

  • Search for an event on the dartfish.tv channel
  • Click on the button "Add event to playlist". This button is also available in the video player

  • Click on "Create new playlist"
  • Enter the name of your playlist and click on "Save"
  • Click on "Add" and the event is added to your playlist

Create a Smart playlist

  • Search for events on the dartfish.tv channel using the search bar or keywords filtering

Important: playlists apply only to events. Video playlists can not be created. The end result of the search must be in event mode.

  • Click on an event to open the video player
  • Click on Create smart playlist below the video player

  • The playlist is created and you can find it in your playlists at the top of the dartfish.tv web page

Manage your personal playlists

  • Find all your playlists by clicking on Playlists > Manages playlists
  • Hover the mouse over a playlist to edit, play or delete it

  • Playlists can be edited. You can change the title and description. You can also re-order and remove events. Smart playlists can only be renamed.
  • Once you have clicked on edit on a playlist, you are redirected to the edition page of a playlist
  • Change the playlist name and description, and re-order events by drag&drop

  • Click on the "Play all" button to open the video player. You can also re-order events in the player

Collaborate on a playlist

Several analysts and coaches can work on the same playlist in order to prepare a common analysis. Playlist collaboration grants to several users the rights to edit a playlist. Only one user can edit a playlist at a time. When a user is editing a playlist, the other collaborators can watch it but can't edit it. When the user stops editing the playlist, or when he has been inactive for too long, another user can then start editing it.

To invite people to collaborate on your playlists, you need to have a myDartfish Pro S license

To invite collaborators on a playlist:

  • Open the edition page of a playlist
  • Click on Collaborate

  • Copy the link and send it to the collaborators

  • When someone opens that link, he will be asked to sign in on dartfish.tv, and will then be automatically added to the list of collaborators
  • Reset the link to stop its validity. Once a link has been reset, new collaborators won't be able to join the playlist using it
  • Once a playlist becomes collaborative (i.e. there are two or more people that can edit it), a new status Edit/View is added to the playlist. Collaborators are by default opening the playlist in a viewer mode. They have to click on Edit to be able modify it. If another collaborator is already editing the playlis, then a warning message is displayed

  • It is always possible to add events to a collaborative playlist even if another collaborator is already editing it. New events will then be added at the end of the playlist

Publish your playlists

You can save a playlist as a new video file and publish it on a dartfish.tv channel or on your personal Smart Cloud. 

  • The Web Upload needs to be activated on this channel. 
  • The publishing rights on a collection are required
  • You need to have download rights on the collections the events are from
  • You must have a myDartfish licence Live S or Pro S

Note: a Smart Playlist can only be published on the dartfish.tv channel the events are from. It can't be published on a differnt channel or on the personal Smart Cloud

To publish a playlist:

  • Find all your playlists by clicking on Playlists > Manages playlists
  • Hover the mouse over a playlist and click on Publish Playlist

  • Select the collection
  • Define the name, description and keywords of the new video resulting from the playlist
  • Click on Publish

  • Dartfish.tv creates the new video in the background. You can close this window and check the collection in a few minutes