Record your screen, drawings and any other interaction, add a voice-over narration and save your analysis as a new video


  • myDartfish Express
  • myDartfish Mobile license or higher


  • Open a video. Any video you have access to can be used, be it in your Subscriptions, Favorites, Cloud or local collection
  • Rotate your device to make sure you have the right orientation. 

Tip: the orientation at the start of the recording will define the orientation of the recorded video

  • Click on the red Start Recording button at the top of the screen
  • The recording has now started:
    • Play/Pause and navigate in the video while talking to create the analysis
    • Add drawings and/or stillshots
    • Pause and resume the recording to prepare your next sentences
  • Click on the red Stop recording button
  • The new video is now saved in your local collection and ready to be shared with the athlete