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Update history

Dartfish 2024 Update 0 - 15.11.2023 - 11.3.1115.0

Legacy video formats .avi and .wmv are not supported in this version. Learn how to convert those video files to use them in Dartfish 2024 

3D drawings

  • Add easily 3D drawings, spots and player chains to a montage
  • Simplified calibration with automatic presets
  • Automatic background colors detection
  • Learn more

Drawing tools

  • Drawing tools have been added to the InTheAction workspace
  • Pro S only - Drawing tools are available in Live and Replay workspaces
  • New drawing tool "Zone highlight"
  • Re-organization of the drawing tools properties
  • Improved tracking of objects in the video
  • Ctrl+Shift+Click to draw on top of an existing drawing
  • Shift+Click to resize a drawing and keep the aspect ratio

Live experience

  • Synchronization of multi-view recording (using the keyboard shortcuts "Decrease/Increase Synchronization Offset" during a recording)
  • Reduced delay with live action
  • Support of AJA U-TAP SDI and HDMI capture devices. Learn more
  • Display the audio stream of your camera as a waveform in a graph
  • In grid-view, Ctrl+double-click on a view enters the single-view mode


  • Improved workspace to simplify InTheAction work
  • Custom replay scenarios can be created
  • Set video clips as references
  • Switch between the current session and previous sessions while recording
  • InTheAction is now a separate workspace. Open it from the Tools section in the menu bar
  • Learn more

Data stream synchronization with LTC

  • Embed the timestamp in the audio track using the box or the mobile app
  • Detect the timestamp in the montage
  • Synchronize accurately a data stream with the video
  • Learn more


  • Tagging panel sharing on - It is possible to update an existing online panel at upload
  • Rule manager - Export events in the background without conversion.
  • Fixed crash when applying invalid manual and automatic rules
  • Removed zip files from folders listed in the library
  • Support of H265/HEVC video format (note: the capture of H265 video streams is not supported)
  • Support of mp4 DASH video format

Known issues

  • Error when connecting to the PTZ Optics IP cameras
  • Switching from event mode to video mode in Replay with the keyboard shortcut may play the video from the start

Update 0 was first released on the 10th of August (version 11.3.809.0) and was patched on the 17th of August (version 11.3.816.0) and the 15th of November (version 11.3.1115.0). The following issues have been fixed:

  • Failed publishing
  • Crash during publishing
  • Audio-video desynchronization after conversion
  • Shaky playback and freezes when playing events during a live recording
  • Crash when re-ordering the items in the tray
  • Lost events when tagging in On-Field mode
  • Missing overlay menu in Replay
  • Time offset when detecting timestamps from a QR code
  • Starting a comparison in a montage does not open the synchronization interface by default
  • Missing buttons in the timeline when switching between events and live recording
  • Localization of some contextual menus
  • Possible crash when opening workspaces

See the Dartfish 2022 release notes here