Present simply

The Analysis Recorder is the best way to show off your analyses in a simple way. Use drawing tools to enhance the presentation, without editing your original montage and adding voice-over narration to provide your team and athletes with personalized feedback.


How to use the Analysis Recorder


Click on the Analysis Recorder icon you find in the EDIT workspace. 

A pop-up window introduces briefly the Presentation Mode 

  1. Set up your microphone : available devices will be listed under a drop-down menu.

Choose the folder in which the video will be stored on your computer and the video encoding profile.

A screenshot of a recording mode

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We recommend to use the 2 profiles specific to the Analysis Recorder :

2. Select the highlighters you want to use for the presentation and voice-over analysis.

None of them modify the actual montage, and any drawing applied will be reset when exiting the Presentation mode. When the Auto Clear Drawing option is activated, any drawing applied when the video is paused will be erased when the video is played again. Set-up your presets by selecting a highlighter and its properties, and by right-clicking on the preset slot. 


3. Start the screen recording and voice-over narration. It is possible to pause and restart a recording. 


You will get a countdown of 3 seconds before the recording starts


A red square shows the recording is in progress.


A screenshot of a video game

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Summary of the steps :

  1. Set up your microphone
  2. Select your highlighters
  3. Start the recording



When a recording is stopped, the user can directly  review the recording

  • Back leads back the the Present mode. The video will still be available on the computer's recording folder
  • Discard Recording deletes the video on the recording folder
  • Export & Share will publish the video on a channel or Smart Could
  • Closing the window will exit the Present mode and lead back the the standard workspaces.