Update 5

  • myDartfish 360 and 360 S are now 64-bit applications. This makes them more powerful but they will no longer be compatible with old 32-bit operating systems
  • Support for 4K video
  • Split-screen comparison. Make your comparisons using any of your videos, whether in the local collection or Smart Cloud. It is not yet possible to save comparison videos
  • Automatic synchronization at software launch can be disabled. This is designed for places with a bad internet connection
  • 360 S event creation features have been implemented in 360. Importing notebooks remains restricted to 360 S

Update 4

  • Dartfish.tv HTTPS now supported
  • Bug fixes

Update 3

Now myDartfish 360/360 S can be used to edit dartfish.tv channel content (edit rights required). It is no longer necessary to download, edit then upload a new document.

  • Add/edit label and description
  • Add/edit Still Shots, even add drawings
  • Delete (but not edit) Key Positions added by Dartfish Software

  • Changes automatically saved

    Of course, this also means 360 S users can tag channel content:

  • Create events

  • Edit description, color, position and duration

  • Merge an online video with a notebook

    Editing event position and duration has been improved by allowing offset values to be entered:

  • Example: +5 adds 5 seconds

  • Example: -1:23 reduces the time by 1 min 23 secs

Plus Performance improvements and bug fixes

Update 2

  • 360 now advises of sync required when cloud content is changed by other devices

  • New keyboard shortcuts: Add event (CTRL + E); Add still shot (CTRL + U); Mark rated event (CTRL + R)

  • Fixed bug preventing option to cancel publishing to dartfish.tv channels

More for Windows 7 users

A bug has been fixed which prevented playback on Windows 7 systems with Intel graphics hardware. If updating from a previous version it is necessary to disable hardware video decoding as follows: 

  1. From the Tools menu, select Options…

  2. Select the Advanced options

  3. Ensure that Enable hardware video decoding support is deselected

Disabling this option is only required if video will not play on your system. It is not expected to have an impact on the video replay performance of myDartfish.

Update 1

We have taken much of the early feedback and our own ideas that didn't make the initial release and created a vastly improved myDartfish 360.

General improvements

  • One-click 'Workspaces' which adapt the layout to different tasks

  • New information 'Hub' displays video details

  • Share links to collections

  • Batch download & upload to dartfish.tv channels

  • Option to switch off event auto-play

  • New sort options

  • Edit video title and description

  • Many performance and interface improvements

Video tagging improvements (360 S)

  • Add events manually

  • Edit event position and duration

  • Create highlights movie of online videos - download no longer required