Welcome to Dartfish Video Software Solutions. Dartfish Software provides you with cutting-edge video and enrichment functionalities in easy-to-use applications in order to make the power of video accessible to everyone. Its ability to deliver instant visual feedback, to highlight key points of interest on the video and to give you the necessary tools to easily manage and share video brings the users an evident and invaluable assistance in all understanding and learning processes.

Once a device license has been installed on a computer, the software can be used without the need to sign in with a dartfish.tv account.

1. Dartfish.tv account creation

After purchasing a device licenses, you will receive an email with a link

Click on this link and you will be asked to sign in with a dartfish.tv account. If you don’t have any, you can create one (for free) by clicking on *create an account.

2. Installation

Once signed in, you will arrive on the webpage www.dartfish.tv/welcome where your products are displayed.

  • Download the installer by clicking on the "download" button below Dartfish 10. Save this file on your computer and run it.
  • Accept the Terms of Use and click on Next

  • Select myDartfish Subscription

  • Enter the credentials of your dartfish.tv account and click on Sign in

  • Your installation is not successful and a desktop shortcut has been created. Click on Close

  • Launch the software and click on Sign-out on the top-right corner

3. Freshdesk – Support for myDartfish Licences

The freshdesk https://support.dartfish.tv/support/home provides a lot of documentation regarding the Dartfish products. This is where you will find tutorials, user guides, support documents on external devices and access to the support desk.

4. Silent installation for device-based licences

Silent installation is the process of automating installation by entering commands at the Windows command prompt. This method bypasses the multi step installation process and is therefore more efficient when an organisation has many computers to set up with Dartfish.

NB: if you have a Dartfish 9 or Dartfish 10 Classic software, you can use the same steps but you will need to adapt the file names accordingly

Extract the Windows Installer file (MSI) from Dartfish10_pro.exe (using 7-zip or similar)

By default, the installer will use myDartfish subscription licensing - the user has a licence assigned to their dartfish.tv account. To install a perpetual license instead, you need to provide the 'Name', 'Organization' and 'Product_key' parameters. These will have been emailed to the purchaser. The syntaxt is as follows where the italicized values are obtained from the product key:

C:\> msiexec /i  /q /l* %TEMP%\install.log C:\Users\Desktop\...\Dartfish10\Installer\Dartfish10.msi USERNAME="XXXXXXXXXXX" PASSWORD="XXXXXXXXX"