Dartfish's roots are in sport and that's reflected in much of the information and resources we provide. Now however, our diverse range of clients, benefit from multiple ways to use video for analysis, communication or instruction. Dartfish software, apps, and Dartfish.tv prove extremely effective for anyone who chooses to coach remotely or wants to develop online video archives


The wider medical field has joined sports medicine with application beyond movement analysis and rehab. Dartfish tools are now used to train and review the performance of nurses and surgeons.


Industrial processes, proper use of machinery, and safety protocols are assessed, along with training tutorials created and shared using Dartfish.

Behaviour and psychology

Dartfish tools provide the ability to evaluate behavior and performance in multiple ways, including clinical settings and in research. Financial institutions use Dartfish to assess the abilities of their advisors. Businesses assess interviews, in-house communication, and their sales process. In education, professors and administrators evaluate teacher performance..