myDartfish 360 is a new desktop software for Windows with these key features:

  • It has the features of the myDartfish Express video analysis app brought to the PC
  • It is an inexpensive way for combining myDartfish Note Notebooks with video
  • It has direct access to your myDartfish Smart Cloud: That video you just shot on your phone is already in your library!

360 and 360 S

MyDartfish 360 has different functionality depending on the myDartfish plan you subscribe to.

  • With 360 you have the equivalent of Dartfish Express on a PC - with still shots, drawings and other features of the mobile app
  • With 360 S, you have the power to identify useful segments of video (tagging). Notebooks created in Dartfish Note are linked to video by a simple drag and drop process.

Dartfish comes 360!

With  myDartfish 360, we have come full circle! From desktop software, we developed apps and cloud services and now we bring all of that back to the desktop in the form of software accessible to anyone. Dartfish 360 completes the video analysis cycle by truly connecting your mobile and desktop tools