A picklist button is one where the label/keyword can be selected from picklists of teams or players. When building the panel, a generic label such as "Player1" is defined and on match day you, or whoever might be using your panel, can select a specific player's name.

The list of teams and players is part of the panel and can be created as it is built but additional teams and players can be added to as the panel is used.

Creating picklist buttons

  1. In the panel editor, go to the Properties section 
  2. Tap a button group to edit it
  3. Tap the Edit Method property 
  4. Select either Team Picklist or Player Picklist 
  5. Save your change
All buttons from this button group will now be picklist buttons.

Assigning a team or player to a picklist button

When a new Notebook is created or at any time when the timer is not running, you can tap a picklist button to select from the roster.

If the timer is already running, you can long-tap the picklist button to select a new player. This is useful when a substitution is made during play.

Creating a roster in advance of the game

When assigning a player or team to a picklist button (as described above) it is also possible to add new items to the roster. However, you may prefer to define this in advance of using the panel:

  1. In the panel editor go to the Players section
  2. Tap Player to add a player (or Team to add a team)
  3. Tap Add Player
  4. Tap Name and type the player's name
  5. Tap Team to assign that player to a team (optional)
  6. Save the change
Remember that the roster is part of the panel. If the panel is shared, the roster goes with it.

Being selective about which players are listed

If you have a large roster with many teams it can be hard to find the names of those players who are actually on the field today. You can limit the names listed to only those from selected teams. To simplify the instructions, I will use a scenario where you will select the players from two teams.

First you must modify your panel properties to enable selection of teams:

  1. In the Panel Editor go to the Properties section
  2. Under Notebook Keyword Categories, tap Add Category
  3. Give the category a name such as "Team1"
  4. Change the Edit Method to Team Picklist
  5. Save
  6. Repeat steps 2 - 5 for the second team
Now the button properties must be changed:
  1. In the Panel Editor go to the Panel section
  2. Create (or edit) a picklist button as described above
  3. Change the Keyword picklist property from "Any player" to "Player from Team1"
On match day the teams playing are selected as follows:
  1. Start a new Notebook and select the panel
  2. Under the Notebook keyword category 'Team1' select the first team from the roster
  3. Repeat for the 'Team2' category
    (Remember that Team1 and Team2 are just example categories that I am using. You might have defined your categories as something else such as 'Home team' and 'Opposition'
The player picklist buttons on your panel will now list only players from the selected team(s)

Reusing the roster from other panels

Lists of players and teams can be imported from other panels:

  1. In the Panel Editor go to the Players section
  2. Tap the + button (found at the top right of the screen)
  3. Select a panel to import the roster from