If you are already a user of the EasyTag-Note app you may be wondering what the difference is between that and Note - they are both tagging apps after all.

One key difference is the relationship that Note has with dartfish.tv and Dartfish software but there are other improvements that you will experience.

  1. Easytag can only use one keyword to describe each event - with Note it's unlimited
  2. A new Easytag game must be created for each video recording - Note allocates events to periods, so one Notebook can store the events of the entire game - even when it has been recorded as several video files.
  3. Easytag panel layouts are simple and fixed - Note panels allow considerably more freedom and can be edited
  4. In Easytag, each button is defined individually - Note uses button groups to define collective properties and buttons can be duplicated. This makes creation of a Note panel much quicker and easier
  5. EasyTag supports undo of the last event only, Note supports multiple undo.
  6. Note panels store lists of teams and players - personalize buttons quickly and simply, even while tagging.
  7. Note allows rating of events - makes the out standing events standout!
  8. Panels uploaded to your channel are automatically available to its members when they create new panels