Easytag has had some big changes. So big that we've given it a new name; EasyTag-Note. Why have we done this?

Easytag was our first app. We created it to supplement our desktop software but it quickly took on a life of its own, becoming the only tagging tool needed by many. Since then, we have been working hard to create integrated solutions where analysis tools, video and output are ever more connected. Dartfish Note, the successor to Easytag, is an important part of that. 

Easytag has changed to make it compatible with the latest iOS development but we also wanted it to offer a similar experience to our other tools, thus facilitating an easy transition through the range of mobile tagging solutions:

  • EasyTag-Note (App): Keeping live tagging as simple as possible and making it easy to get started.
  • Note (App): More buttons, more categories, more flexibility
  • Note Pro (Windows software): Professional solution allowing creation of automated panels for detailed live tagging and creation of concurrent events

Each step you take gives more tagging power. Easytag-Note is the first step but, in aligning it with Note, it benefits from the latest developments. In simplifying the app, some of the Easytag features have gone, but if you are missing those then we invite you to try Dartfish Note. We think you'll like the difference. 

Did you know that Note can be used to produce live statistics at zero cost? But, to output CSV data or create Notebooks for online sharing or import into Dartfish software, you'll need a myDartfish Mobile subscription. We hope you'll enjoy the benefits.