myDartfish is a range of products which combine Dartfish Software, apps, cloud services and our video analysis database. Which tools you get depends on the myDartfish plan you subscribe to; the simplest myDartfish Mobile plan provides the myDartfish Express and myDartfish Note mobile apps while other plans include myDartfish 360 desktop software or Dartfish Software for the most advanced analysis.

myDartfish Smart Cloud

All plans include your personal SmartCloud. This is part of our video analysis web platform ( and is used to...

  • Share video and analysis
  • Synchronize your Dartfish Express library between your phone and tablet
  • Restore cloud content to your new phone after dropping a barbell on the old one!
  • Upload analysis from Dartfish software for viewing on Dartfish Express
  • Import Notebooks directly from the Smart Cloud to Dartfish Tagging to integrate Notes and video

myDartfish and channels

An analysis viewed on a channel looks identical to that in your Smart Cloud but a channel has additional features to meet the needs of organisations. For example, a channel can have many different people uploading content and they can be assigned different access rights. A channel offers several ways of sharing content from fully public to fully private. MyDartfish adds additional functionality to a channel such as the possibility to use Notebooks.