Collections are used to control who can see what. By giving one person access to a collection(s) and another person access to others, each person's experience will be different.

Sharing links

Access is given by sharing links to videos or collections. When you share a link to a video, in fact you are giving access to the entire collection. So if the person who uses the link then clicks the collection name below the video or simply selects the Videos page, they can see all the other content in that collection.

 It is not possible to share just one of the videos in a collection without giving access to the others.

Limited Collections

myDartfish uses Limited collections. This type of collection makes sharing simple - the recipients of the links that you send don't need to sign-in or create an account, all they have to do is click the link. If they want someone else to see the content, they simply pass on the link or choose one of the Share options below the video: They could email it, add it to a website, social media or bookmark it in their browser. However, without the link, the content remains private.

When sharing links to content in limited collections, the Share function must be used. It is not enough to copy the URL from your browser's address bar.

Create new collections

Collections can be created in the Dartfish Express app or when uploading from Dartfish software. 

It is also possible to add collections to your myDartfish Cloud via a browser at

  1. From a browser, sign in to your myDartfish account 
  2. Click or tap my Collections at the top of the page
  3. Click the Add collection button at the top of the list of collections 

Delete collections

  1. Access the my Collections page as above
  2. Click the collection to be deleted
  3. Click the Delete icon above the listing of videos

Be careful! Deleting a collection also deletes its content. Furthermore, the deletion removes the equivalent synced collection in your Dartfish Express app. In effect these 'two' collections are one and the same so what you do to one applies to the other.

Remove access to a collection

You may wish to prevent access to a collection without deleting it. This can be done in two ways:

Break the link to a video

If a video is deleted or moved, those who have a link to it will no longer be able to see it or the collection. You'll find a Delete option below each video player or on each thumbnail on the Explore page.

Break the link to a collection

Resetting a collection link will prevent all previous links from working:

  1. Access the my Collections page as above
  2. Click the collection you want the link to be reset
  3. Click the Share icon above the listing of videos
  4. Click the Reset link option next to the link